16 University Ultimate teams in the Mixed division. A team consists of maximum 14 players (maximum 7 women and maximum 7 men), born between 01/01/1994 and 31/12/2005. All players must be students at the same university with Bachelor’s or Master’s studies. Full-time, part-time, or correspondence studies are all accepted. Active student status is required. A player with a degree from the given university can also participate if he/she graduated in 2022 or 2023. 12 places are reserved for European teams (1 of which is reserved for the host HFDF). 4 places are reserved for non-European teams. A nation can nominate a maximum of 3 university teams, but the organizers reserve the right to change the order in case of oversubscription.


All 16 teams play 7 matches with World Games rules (80 minutes with hard cap at 13 points). Round-robin matches in 4 groups of 4 and round of 16. After that, 3 matches per team in the upper and lower divisions (playoffs with quarterfinals, semi-finals, and placement games).


  1. Team fee: $2,600/University team. Including fields and facilities, staff, EUSA license.
  2. Player fee: $150/Player. Including security&health at fields, logistics, player gift.
  3. Guest fee: $100/Guest. Including security&health at fields. Maximum 2 non-player/team.
  4. Accreditation package: TBD (not more than $100/person/night). Including accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, accreditation, shuttle between venues.


  1. Registration: 30th January 2023 at
  2. Late registration closes 10 March 2023 upon WFDF approval.
  3. WFDF announcement of the 16 invited teams and waiting list: 15th March 2023.
  4. Team fee: 5th February 2023 (Bank account will be given for the 16 teams).
  5. Team fee late registration: 15th March 2023
  6. Player fee: 15th March 2023
  7. Accreditation package: 30th April 2023.


In case of event cancellation (Covid, war, vis major) 100% of player fee and 95% of team fee are refundable.
In case of team cancellation 0% are refundable, but if the national federation can register another University instead of the cancelled team, the fees are valid.