Qualification for further events:

6 university teams can participate in the 2024 EUG Ultimate competitions, one of which can be delegated by the host HFDF. The remaining 5 places can be qualified for at the 2023 competition as follows:
  1. 1. The nation that registers at least 2 university teams for the 2023 competition will automatically receive 1 place for the 2024 EUG.
  2. 1.1 If more than 5 nations register at least 2 teams for the 2023 competition, then those 5 nations will receive a place at the 2024 EUG, whose team finishes in the best 5 places in the comparison among themselves.
  3. 2. If less than 5 nations register at least 2 teams, the remaining places will be fought for by the universities that participate with 1 team in the 2023 competition. Filling the remaining places for EUG 2024 according to the final ranking.
Attention! The qualification ranking is not the property of the given university, but of the national flying disc federation represented by the university. So, in 2024, the given federation will decide which university of its nation to nominate for the EUG!